Thursday, 16 September 2010

Title: Jakes documentary
Director: Louisa Cain

My short film will be a documentary about someone who has finished his Alevels and for further education, is starting a new college. Its a story about how he is feeling about starting somewhere new and fresh, and learning a subject which he loves and wants to do full time and what he wants to achieve from doing this in the future. It will show how he has to make new friends and start a new school in a completely new environment by himself.

In my short film Jake will tell us how his life has changed since starting his new path and how he is feeling about what this may bring for the future.The film will include a clip of me interviewing him about how he is feeling and if he likes his new college, how he is getting on and if he thinks he become more independent from starting somewhere new, etc. This film relates to identity as it is about someone who wants to become a dancer, it will show how his life will change for example his diet, exercise routines and his fitness. Being a dancer is what he loves and what he was born to do and it is his identity.

Who are the target audience?
As my short film is focused on a teenage boy who has left school and has started his own path for his future, my target audience will be for teenagers who will soon be leaving school.

Which short films have you looked at to help you get ideas?
slumdog millilonaire trailer

What message do you hope the audience will understand from your film?
That starting a new school and environment is scary but if you have a dream for the future you have to work for it.

Lewisham college

Jake Brewer

Crew: Louisa Cain and Olivia Board

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